The Ministry of Agriculture issues urgent announcement: Carry out seriously fulf
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This net dispatch: On March 28, the Ministry of Agriculture is carried out fulfil countrywide agriculture and spirit of conference of videophone of grain production work to issue urgent announcement, the requirement is various door of Ministry of Agriculture, face new requirement of new condition new job, should cogent enhance political consciousness, overall situation consciousness, responsibility consciousness, seize opportunity, be brave in to challenge, overcome difficulty, steady work, ensure summertime grain oil obtains good crop this year, for annual agriculture steady progress, farmer is added continuously control next dozen of solid bases.
The announcement says, in last few years evolution of country of our country agriculture appears the nice aspect with rare history, to reform progress stable overall situation made important contribution. But agriculture is national economy most the state of weak point does not have a change, agriculture compares the state with small benefit to do not have a change, the trend that gap of income of urban and rural dweller enlarges does not have a change, agriculture stabilizes development and farmer to add the difficulty that close to be increased ceaselessly continuously. Especially since this year, evolution of agricultural rural economics appears again a lot of new cases, new issue, agricultural disaster impact is shown continuously, farming endowment the price is climbed considerably litre, great move plant epidemic disease to prevent control the job very arduous, breed of partial area, part produces benefit to give now to slip. Produce the grim situation that face in the light of current agriculture, on March 27, the State Council holds countrywide agriculture and meeting of videophone of grain production work, premier Wen Jiabao made important speech, it is important to announce to publish more more more clear, direct, strong decathlon measure, right agriculture and grain production work undertook comprehensive deploy this year. Various agriculture department should be carried out seriously implement this conference spirit, leave no stone unturned is striven for agriculture and grain production have a good crop this year.
The announcement emphasizes, various agriculture department should unite a thought, improve knowledge, cogent heighten sense of responsibility and sense of urgency. Want to realise adequately, this year is our country reforming and opening and development a very important year, maintain national economy to develop more quickly smoothly, chongzhongzhi is agriculture again. Strengthen agriculture and grain production, ensure main produce available supply, it is the pressing demand that controls society of economy of inflation, implementation to develop a target, it is to answer the significant move of safety of food of country of international produce vicissitude of the market, safeguard, it is the crucial place that advances our country modernization smoothly. Agriculture and grain production want to continue to achieve taller goal on high last year starting point, high cardinal number, the task is formidable, the challenge is all-time. Must see austere sex of the situation soberly, cogent heighten feeling of sense of responsibility, mission and sense of urgency, with bigger determination and force stimulative agriculture and commissariat produce steady progress. Want party of base oneself upon and national job situation as a whole, more little, person adds person of our country of with a view to the ground is decreased, spending of produce of average per capita increases, the national condition that water natural resources is in short supply, must hold to a first job that ensures the main produce available supply such as commissariat regards agricultural rural economics as the job from beginning to end, the first responsibility that regards a Ministry of Agriculture as the door; With a view to realizes macroscopical adjusting control " two prevent " target, must leave no stone unturned is striven for the main produce production such as commissariat stabilizes development this year; Appropriate of with a view to answers supply and demand of international produce market insecurity and rise in price, must insist to accomplish home of base oneself upon to realize main produce basic and self-sufficient, adjust surplus and deficiency appropriately through imports and exports; With a view to arouses the enthusiasm of farmer and local government adequately, the support with must insist to offer more for farmer and basic level better and service, cogent the difficulty that in solving a farmer to produce the life, encounters and problem.
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