Inspect place attends a Ministry of Agriculture to hold in " be at ease farming
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Implement the countrywide agriculture that the State Council held on March 27 and spirit of conference of videophone of grain production work to carry out, spring ploughing of safeguard whole nation produces success, on March 28 morning, the Ministry of Agriculture promoted a county to hold surely in Heibei " be at ease farming endowment go to the countryside enters a village " the spot grooms advisory activity. Gao Hongbin's undersecretary attended the spot to seek advice from an activity to speak.

Chinese animal medicine tastes censorial place to head a group by Yang Jinsong's assistant director, goods of place of business government office, quality supervisory point, the division of science and technology, standard, virus detects the concerned place room such as the room 8 people form expert advisory group and establish in all exhibit a stage, attended the spot to seek advice from an activity.

Mobile spot echo is enthusiastic, advisory stage front wall became full person, the epidemic disease of concerned cultivate birds that expert advisory group answered farmer masses to seek advice in detail is prevented accuse, drug of animal of true and false identifies etc breed practical new technology and animal epidemic disease to prevent control policy. A long time time recieves masses hundreds of people. Take mobile spot concern raise chicken, raise quality of drug of pig and sickness prophylaxis and treatment, animal to identify quickly use disease of manual, La Er with safety thousands of books such as wall map of CD of prevention and cure, avian flu and prevention and cure of La Er disease, CD is distributed entirely give. Farmer masses says gladly: "The expert that group of Ministry of Agriculture comes imparts to breed the knowledge that uses animal drug with safety scientificly to us not only, give data of popular science books, still publicize national policy, this really honest 強 Nong Huinong " .
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