Piscine turtle defends cold practical measure
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The deep water that 1. fishing pond chooses to choose n exposed to the sun (2 meters of above) fishing pond natural live through the winter. Water of pool of live through the winter should not be in static condition for a long time, normally day of 20 days of ~30 exchanges partial pool water, change the 1/4~1/5 of total Chi Shui every time, in case pool water pollution.
2. The setting blocks wind wall, hibernate the hole can use straw in in fishing pond or clay builds the 2 meters tall protective screen that block wind, thing two sides builds Cheng Xiangna's inclined earth wall, into dustpan form, reduce north wind assault, when cold wave is invaded, water is warm do not send drop apparently. Fishing pond all around should build barrel-drain, the seeper outside preventing a pool flows into a pool inside and drop Chishui temperature. Wind wall wall is blocked to be able to dig 1~2 from 40 centimeters of place end the pool in deep 2 rice, diameters 0.8 meters hibernate hole, hole wall can use bricky step or bury contented porcelain tube, when cold wave is invaded the fish can be entered hibernate hole.
3. Build plastic film to prevent cold big canopy to be on the foundation that sets the wall that block wind, build on fishing pond plastic big canopy heat preservation. Use bamboo or build by the side of wooden edge pond one " person " glyph ceiling, the distance that supports to canopy from the ground is 2.5 meters about, upper cover two plastic film, with Chi Bian join becomes one sealed cover, slimy general film can be used all round sealed. Pool of live through the winter of collect blame fish is common area square metre of ~100 of 40 square metre, depth of water 2 meters of above, chi Jun of cement pool, earth but, put in a suitable place to breed density can follow water to lukewarm, water quality and water are measured and be decided, general water system can put every stere parent fish end of 15 end ~25, or 10 centimeters of the following fingerling 300 end. The pond with better condition, water system can put every stere parent fish end of 30 end ~40, fingerling end of 400 end ~500. The high density that running water pool can consult running water breeds puts in a suitable place to breed quantity, can make oxygen of pool water dissolve is maintained in 2 milligram / it is advisable to rise. Childish turtle the live through the winter outdoor, below the condition that does not have heat preservation measure its mortality can amount to 70%~80% . Accordingly, be like conditional, childish turtle is best and immigrant the live through the winter in indoor pool, or build in outdoor pool plastic big canopy live through the winter, put in a suitable place to breed density is controlled 100 times for every square metre, if had managed, survival rate of live through the winter can amount to 80%~90% .
When using live through the winter of plastic film big canopy, in the evening or day of overcast and rainy can use large careless sign to wait enclothe in order to maintain the temperature inside canopy; And should lift the content such as careless shade in sunshine, use solar energy to add lukewarm. Air temperature, water is warm exorbitant when, should ventilated take a breath, add pour partial new water. Encounter cold current is invaded, when water Wen Jiang is low, can adopt following impose lukewarm measure: (1) vapour heats law: Heater is added by pool of live through the winter, the boiler that use iron water boil, make vapour passes connective glue canal to enter pool of live through the winter from the tailor-made bamboo slip on boiler lid inside, raise pool water temperature. (2) infrared lamp imposes lukewarm standard: Inside the pool of live through the winter that there is big canopy of sealed plastic film in afore-mentioned lids, unit of water of every 35 square metre bulb of 250 made of baked clay infrared ray 1, from surface 30 centimeters, make an appointment with 60 centimeters of distances in bulb upper part, secure a Yi Gan's bibulous pasteboard skin or other bibulous material, the water that avoids water vapour to be condensed on film falls on bulb, and make bulb blast is cracked or be on fire. Arrive when water temperature rise when 20 ℃ , black out. Use infrared ray to increase lukewarm profit: Infrared lamp quantity of heat is big, add lukewarm fast, with report little, installation is simple, still have antiseptic effect, can produce mildew in order to prevent a fish.
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