Disease of turtle white spot and blaze prevent and cure illy
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To blaze, white spot malady of two kinds of turtle is current dispute is bigger. The cause of disease that reports blaze defect commonly is wool mildew, the cause of disease of white spot disease is bacterium of the afterbirth that enrage sheet. Han Xianpiao (1997) think, blaze disease has two kinds of cases, blaze and white spot. Two kinds of cause of disease are different, but not be wool mildew cause. Luo Zhongyuan (1998) think, white spot disease includes true fungus (wool mould) the blaze that cause is ill (area of focus of a disease 3 ~ 5 millimeter) , fine fungus (bacterium of the afterbirth that enrage sheet) the white spot that cause is ill (white spot diameter 1 ~ 3 millimeter) reach special microbial the white spot that cause. By special microbial the white spot that cause is ill, still do not have pair of disease medicaments at present. According to observing this disease won't is opposite directly turtle causes a harm, but after falling off, cut is easy be affected by the bacterium. Reason falls in the premise that diagnoses correctly, special attention water quality adjustment, do not use antibiotic, or when necessary to be taken orally a few bacteriophage.
One, white spot disease
Sicken turtle basically is childish young turtle. Come on the height is in childish turtle hatch inside a month and enter hot house inside a month, if have effective treatment not in time, mortality can rise inside a few days 30% , sometimes even horse and foot completes collapse. White spot can spread all over the whole body, with abdomen most (color scheme 3-8) . White spot is like sesame seed size, by the skin inside outside bead shape dash forward, very resemble spore bug focus of a disease. Carry fluid of pus of broken visible white. Serious when white spot expands, the brim is not neat, have fester appearance.
1. Cause of disease
Bacterium of afterbirth of sheet of bacterium of single born of the same parents of hydrosphere of be addicted to, gentle gas. Enrage classics of bacterium of single born of the same parents blandly among them medical quick experiments,
2. Treat
Erythromycin of douse of ① total pool 10-6 of × of 10 × 10-6~20; Chloromycetin former pink 3 × 10-6; Head Bao bacteriophage 0.5 × 10-6; Lifannuo 1 × of ~ of 0.5 × 10-6 10-6.
Gentamicin of ② profess to convinced, every kilogram turtle unit of 150 thousand international. Successive 6 days are a period of treatment; Erythromycin or Terramycin, every kilogram turtle uses drug 0.2 grams of 0.1 ~ . Xin Nuoming of medicine made of two or more ingredients, every kilogram turtle uses drug 0.2 grams of 0.1 ~ .
③ adds the vitamin of high volume in feed. Turtle of every 100 kilogram uses chloromycetin everyday 7.5 grams (or gentamicin 20 million unit) , gram of gram of C 12 of milligram of vitamin K3 300, vitamin, vitamin E 5 mixes bait is cast hello, successive 15 days.
④ is treated integratedly. Water should be changed thoroughly first when coming on, next the 1st day uses saleratus of 500 × 10-6 and salt of 500 × 10-6 (or 0.4% salt) total pool douse, the 3rd day uses 2.5 × 10-6 2 oxidation are chloric (or gallnut of × 10-6 of 2 × 10-6~4) total pool douse, successive 3 days. The beard when be being treated outside at the same time oral medicine content has treatment, every kilogram adds C of vitamin of E of 1 gram vitamin, 1 gram and 1.5~2.0 to overcome chloromycetin in bait makings, feed 3~5 day repeatedly.
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