Monetary chelonian kisses chelonian cold to treat a method
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Clinical symptom: Appearance and normal chelonian do not have distinction it seems that, breath of main show ill chelonian is hurried, serious when every 5 minutes of mouth are stretched 4 times, be like cough shape, too occipital faint and hang low to breed container bottom, photograph feed stop.
Produce an account: Difference in temperature is caused, especially left and right sides of the 2d after the monetary chelonian that a rainstorm carries on the back to be being basked in makes a surprise attack, begin to discover this is ill, it is infection of the upper respiratory tract of cold be caused by actually.
Inject method: Intramuscular injection, place hind legs base ministry. 1~3d, with DK20 10 thousand IU/kg, every D1 second, successive 3d; 4d stops drug; 5~7d, with DK20 10 thousand IU/kg VC 2ml/kg, every D1 second, successive 3d; 8d stops drug; 9~11d uses QD15 10 thousand IU/kg ENSX2ml, every D1 second, successive 3d. Through 3 period of treatment, in all the cure of 11d, the illness improves stage by stage, final recover from an illness, return to normal photograph feed.