The industrialization difference of technology of our country biology and abroad
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Basis " hi-tech industry grows " 915 " program " overall demand, national hair changed a few days ago appoint print and distribute " hi-tech industrialization " 915 " program " (the following abbreviation " program " ) , key deploy the main task of the industrialization of hi-tech of 10 big fields such as biology, information and if dry weight is great special, regard the strategic breach that strengthens industry of hi-tech of own innovation, promotion to expand capacity independently as stimulative hi-tech industrialization, promote economic structural adjustment, enhance industrial core competition ability.
" program " put forward, in biology industry the domain should develop gene project medicaments, chemistry to synthesize industrialization of product of engineering of new drug, new-style vaccine and diagnostic reagent, modern Chinese traditional medicine and biology medicine energetically, breed the biology medicine great variety that has own intellectual property. To drive and guide industrialization of whole society hi-tech, "915 " during, the 16 hi-tech industrialization such as project of medicine of medicine of executive biology of organization of national general key, modern Chinese traditional medicine, biology, raw material project is great and special.
Biology medicine is special: Preferential development has the biology remedy of own intellectual property and broad market prospect, strive to form new breakthrough in the respect such as medicaments of gene project, antibody; Advance preparation of young member medicaments, new-style medicaments and new technology of system giving drug and medicaments production actively; Develop energetically new-style preventive vaccinal, remedial sex vaccine and new-style pathogen diagnose reagent; The remedial respect that strives to wait for major disease in disease of blood-vessel of head of malignant tumor, heart obtains significant progress, raise major epidemic to prevent ability, the major epidemic such as hepatitis of sex of effective control AIDS, virus is popular, enhance the international competition ability of medicine of our country biology substantially.
Modern Chinese traditional medicine is special: Exert oneself develops pharmacodynamics clear, curative effect is exact, poisonous small, quality stability can dominate secondary action, technical content is contemporary and the new drug of tall, Chinese traditional medicine that has characteristic of medicine of remarkable traditional Chinese medical science and advantage, new-style prepared herbal medicine in small pieces ready of decoction, biology fosters Chinese traditional medicine and draft the dimensions below zoology condition to change cultivate; Advance modern Chinese traditional medicine to produce the development of preparation technology and industrialization; Medical new drug is right in rising disease of blood-vessel of head of disease of tumor, liver, heart, AIDS, depressed disease, diabetic, the turn of life is asked for integratedly, the immune function sex such as flu is disease, ill noxiousness disease and senile sex disease the remedial standard that wait, drive our country Chinese traditional medicine industrial internationalization develops.
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