Block sterilization ox transmits development of our country of recessive disease
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How to assure kind of milk cow generation another acting quality is good, reject hereditary disease to leave next generation, of gene of recessive to milk cow genetic defect detect special key. Because this this one domain is become in recent years the heat that the developed country studies foreign milk industry. Our country brainpower also is doing thorough research work to this, li Yanhua of priest of cultivate of center of Beijing milk cow was in a few days ago " genetic " the magazine is published " use odd catenary compose to detect like much condition sex of method of disease of blemish of bovine leucocyte adhere build " article, reported her research achievement: The particularity PCR that uses proper motion design makes thing, optimize through be being mixed to the filtration of condition of PCR, PCR-SSCP, combine DNA alignment to determine, built PCR-SSCP to detect disease of blemish of bovine leucocyte adhere (BLAD) the new method of harmful gene. This method is simple quick, accuracy rate is high, use sample wide extensive, suit big sample book to choose.
Foreign developed country is being planted in ox seed selection, take pair of BLAD and CVM seriously very much (vertebral deformation is asked for integratedly) those who wait for gene of recessive and genetic defect detect. All and mothball kind the ox must detect through these gene, the proof is not the person that recessive and harmful gene is carried hind, ability enters descendant to determine the program does manufacturing performance measurement and promotion to use, in order to assure the genetic advantage of kind of ox and the transmission that reduce harmful gene. Be in our country, kind ox seed selection has not begin the recessive and harmful gene such as BLAD, CVM detect and molecular seed selection, this is the potential risk in development of estate of estate of our country milk.
According to introducing, development of worker of our country scientific research goes detect milk cow is recessive and harmful the new method of gene, be a kind handy, quick detect the new method of the harmful gene such as BLAD, CVM. It is one kind uses molecular genetics and measure of molecular biology technology to build what wait for recessive and harmful gene to milk cow BLAD, CVM to detect method and technology of molecular seed selection. Use this technology to be able to reduce the transmission of kind of ox heredity disease effectively, perfect system of kind of technology of ox seed selection further, expand outstanding the genetic influence of kind of ox. The expert thinks, this molecular seed selection that studies achievement is our country milk cow provided academic basis, the cent that is harmful gene of BLAD of our country milk cow and choose offerred new method and train of thought, outstanding to breeding our country by oneself mothball kind of ox, perfect milk cow is thoroughbred breed system is very important.

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