Bacterium plants microbial feed additive new product research and development ta
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Research of new product of microbial feed additive and development task are the project that competition ability of key industry technology promoted Beijing committee of science and technology thematic plan 2006. This task by big north farming Inc. of group of science and technology is chaired, combine institute of source of nutrition of center of engineering of feed of Chinese agriculture college, Beijing through open invite public bidding and the way that seek bid (technologies of 100 Lin Kangyuan biology are finite liability company) , institute of feed of courtyard of division of institute of vet of pasturage of Beijing of courtyard of Chinese farming division, China farming, establish what give priority to body with the enterprise " one look forward to learns 4 " produce learn to grind efficient innovation is allied, each content that finished provision of task assignment certificate inside two years of time reached corresponding assessment target.

Innovation alliance passes work of two years, built microbial feed additive bacterium is planted seed selection model, from fungus of on 10 thousand plant in planting, pass directional choose, obtained 11 plant safety, fight the manufacturing bacterium individual plant with go against a gender good. The bacterium that breeding goes is planted obtain national agriculture microbial bacterium is planted safe-deposit center, China is common microbial bacterium is planted the bacterium of microbial safe-deposit center plants industry of safe-deposit center, nation calibration certificate is planted 11 times with bacterium preservation proves 8. 11 individual plant produce the pig of preproduction classics young of applicable bacterium individual plant to raise a test, contrast with blank group day weightening finish raises 5.5-30.2% , diarrhoea rate falls 30.3-69.7% , stuff is heavy than reducing 2.2-9.3% ; Contrast with antibiotic group, the index such as rate of day weightening finish, diarrhoea, survival rate does not have the difference that show chopsticks. The fryer raises experiment and blank group to contrast day weightening finish raises 1.2-10.2% , stuff is heavy than reducing 7.1-7.5% , survival rate raises 6.9-7.3% . Grow fatten pig experiment and blank group contrast day weightening finish raises 2.9-4.2% , stuff is heavy than dropping 5.5-7.4% , diarrhoea rate falls 25.8-29.4% . The task still applies for 2 countries to invent patent, publish paper 12, participate in establish national standard 3.
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