Wintry canopy soft-shelled turtle breeds crucial technology
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Already had period of time into the winter, but at present bead trigonometry climate still is stabilized relatively. Achieve as much appear on the market the raise nurturance of norms tastes soft-shelled turtle to appear on the market stage by stage, harvest already reached end. Current soft-shelled turtle breeds a first job is how safety breed aquatics and hibernate, to open spring equinox pond breed aquatics lays next foundations. The author is current bead trigonometry soft-shelled turtle is lukewarm when does canopy breed aquatics put forward to suggest to consult for breeding a friend:
A bit more principal, temperature should keep stable, change cannot big. Soft-shelled turtle (turtle) as a kind of half aquatic cold-blooded animal, very sensitive to the change of environmental temperature, the rapid acuteness change of too exorbitant, low temperature or temperature goes against soft-shelled turtle to live, grow and breed, mix as the childish turtle that breeds main body currently especially young turtle.
The growth with the most comfortable soft-shelled turtle water is warm in 28 ℃ - 32 ℃ , exceed this one limits to meet those who affect soft-shelled turtle photograph feed with grow. The day change with warm water had better be controlled in 1 ℃ - inside 2 ℃ , had better not exceed 3 ℃ , acuteness water lukewarm change can make childish turtle undertakes adaptability physiology adjusts hard, body metabolization process is easy happen disorder, bring about the happening of the disease more easily, if catch a cold,wait.
In breed aquatics of live through the winter, illumination is easy by oversight. After entering a winter, sunshine time is opposite shorter, illumination can complement appropriately inside wintry canopy. According to concerning research the data makes clear, the compensatory illumination growth to soft-shelled turtle speed has improve function significantly, still can raise survival rate. A lot of more current breed door this bit righter somewhat oversight, the proposal mights as well try.
Winter controls temperature and humidity appropriately even. Southern this year cold air comes more behindhand, the temperature outdoor is relatively stable. If breed door sex of lukewarm canopy rigor is better, can increase appropriately ventilated. The lukewarm canopy that north and south moves toward, proposal south can increase ventilated flow, in a bit small; And the lukewarm canopy that the thing moves toward, thing face all can increase ventilation, of stronger light can leave appropriately midday 1 - 2 hours add oxygen, make the carbon dioxide eduction of system of low layer water, be helpful for the growth of childish turtle, young turtle. Humidity is under 40 % relatively ideal, accuse relatively easily before the Beginning of Spring, the humidity after the Beginning of Spring can rise, the attention is ventilated the reasonable control with humidity.
In the winter, the management of water quality should compare other season strict. Index of wintry canopy water quality most corruptible is ammoniac nitrogen content, ordinary control is under 0.3ppm relatively ideal, ammoniac nitrogen is exorbitant intestines and stomach of soft-shelled turtle easy generation is unwell, bring about the happening of the disease such as corrupt skin, sodden leg, sodden mouth.
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