Formula feed casts fresh water fish feed a technology
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In pisciculture production, feed casts those who feed technical discretion to affect feed directly to change rate and breed the effect, accordingly, master those who apply good feed to cast feeding a technology is a serious problem that nots allow to ignore, matter to breed aquatics economic benefits directly.
, cast those who feed a volume is affirmatory
Feed is cast feed a technology, it is to be cast certainly above all feed a volume, want to satisfy the nutrient requirement that the fish grows already, cannot excessive, excessive is cast hello create feed waste not only, raise cost, and pollute water quality, grow what affect a fish normally. Accordingly, feed is cast those who feed a volume is to cast the important segment in feeding a technology certainly.
1. Day casts those who feed a volume is affirmatory: Aborning, affirmatory day casts feed a quantity to have two kinds of methods: Pry first collect of ê of Zhuo of  Po stand erect paragraph pry of lean close to of " of ā of the Gan when Gu first He of ǎ of Zhuo of  Po stand erect is violet persuade  of  of brilliant of alkyne of Lai of  of Nao of the fine grain that enter dimple to remove wringing pry of alliance of  of model ㄋ of cease of  of dredge of  of hesitating of Ze of Jiao Langhong  is, chi Zhongyu's weight can pass sampling computation to obtain. ) in addition, still answer the growth according to the fish the nutrient demand of circumstance and each phase, pair of day can be controlled to cast in 7 days feed a quantity to undertake adjustment, such gift are nicer of contented fish grow demand.
2. Second cast those who feed a volume is affirmatory: A few righter grab feed the breed aquatics with unhappy or bad domestication fish, decide with average standard commonly every time cast feed a volume (namely: Cast day of the = that feed a volume to cast day of the ÷ that feed a volume every time feed a frequency) . The fish with better domestication is photographed feeding is commonly first quickness, alleviate after, till calm; First surface, hind benthic; First big fish, hind small fish; First among, by the side of the Later Zhou Dynasty. Cast every time feed what should notice to watch a fish to photograph feed a circumstance, when surface calm, did not grab apparently feed a phenomenon, the fish of 80% has left or roam to was not photographed in periphery when feeding an appetite, stop to cast hello, this is so called " most probably full " , breed a fish namely the full appetite of 80% , most probably satiate, two into very not full. Decide with this law every time cast hello the amount is actualer, it is like next advantage: (1) dependability is strong. Because the fish puts error of quantity sampling existence, can cause day to project the computational error that feeds a volume, if be cast actually,feed quantity and day to cast feed a quantity to differ bigger, the likelihood is calculative is cast feed a quantity to forbid truly. (2) reduce feed loss. Had mastered " most probably full " cast feed a principle, increase piscine appetite not only, and reduce feed loss, reduce breed cost. (3) the digestive absorptivity that raises feed. The fish is photographed had fed full, the absorptivity of feed nutrition component is low, digest not complete. If cast,feed a volume too little, because starve,the fish is met and keep foraging, affect piscine growth. Practice proves " most probably full " when the digestive absorptivity of feed nutrition component is better.
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