Drug of domestic and international animal develops development and market trends
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Silver of Qiu of old bastinado pomegranate gives birth to Ceng Zhenling (Guangzhou of 1 lab of pharmacodynamics of cure of carry out of college of Hua Na agriculture 510642) (Wuhan of institute of industry of medicine of 2 Hubei province 430061) industry of drug of our country animal is since reforming and opening, from do not have have, arrive as a child big, get the rapid development that has no from place, to ensure our country stock raising, the abidance of aquiculture course of study develops the contribution with was made important. Be in those who enter 21 centuries today, our country is about to join WTO, how does industry of drug of our country animal grow further on the foundation of existing achievement, the article plans to make an analysis to research and development of drug of domestic and international animal and market trends, offer drug of our country animal the expectation henceforth, those who supply animal drug industry is fellow people referenced, discuss, if can have the effect of cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions, it is exclusive desire of the author. One, Drug of our country animal develops the achievement of development and market characteristic (one) the main achievement that animal drug development develops our country was promulgated 1986 " animal drug regulation " , the Ministry of Agriculture began to evaluate 1987 one, 2, drug of 3 kinds of new animal, according to statistic, 1987~1998 year approve chemical medicaments in all 147 kinds (watch 1) , biological product 100 kinds (watch 2)Watch1Our country1987~1998Year medicaments of development animal chemically147Kind classification

Medicaments classification antibiotic fights helminth additive antibacterial to fight clear bane of ball bug medicine other measure 34 33 3 33 10 10 23 % 23.1 22.4 2.7 22.7 6.8 6.8 15.6

Watch2Our country1987~1998Year develop biological product100Kind classification

Phyletic birds uses domestic animal of person of vaccine of vaccinal ox, sheep with vaccinal pig in all sicken vaccine diagnoses fluid other measure 22 10 9 15 37 7 % 22 10 9 15 37 7

From the watch 1 see, the medicaments that change cure in all 110 kinds, occupy 74.7% , among them antibacterial in all 67 kinds, occupy 45.8% ; Fight helminth drug (include to fight ball bug drug) 43 kinds, occupy 29.5% . In biological product, criterion birds uses vaccine most, occupied 22% . 10 come for years, the new drug of 2 kinds of above with successful development of our country development basically has: Antibiotic kind: Element of the mildew that install general (Apramycin) , fluorine benzene Buddhist nun is taken an examination of (element of mildew of fluorine armour sulphone, florfenicol) . Synthesize antibacterial: Acetyl armour Kui (dysentery bacterium is clean, mequindox) , favour Nuo Sha Xing (Enroflxacin) , the Sha Xing that amount to fluorine (Sha Xing of Danofloxacin) , 2 fluorine (Sha Xing of Difloxacin) , salad (Sarafloxacin) . The hurried that fight bacterium grows medicine: That on the west peptide (Nosiheptide) , Kui alcohol (Olaquindox) . Wide chart fights helminth drug: A benzene amounts to Zun (Albendazole) , fragrance benzene amounts to Zun (Fenbendazole) , A Weijun element (Avermectin) , element of Yi Wei bacterium (Ivermectin) . Fight ball bug drug: Chloric hydroxide pyridine (Clopidol) , saline mildew element (element of mildew of Salinomycin) , Hainan (Hainanmycin) , ground captures bead profit (Diclazuril) . Afore-mentioned medicaments belong to a kind of new drug except acetyl armour Kui outside, other all be 2 kinds of medicaments that be modelled on, divide that peptide is hurried grows on the west outside the agent, other all be antibacterial or fight helminth drug. (2) animal drug the sale status of market of drug of animal of our country of market condition, lack accurate statistical data, occupy Feng Jinglan to report, 1999 statistic, countrywide animal pharmaceutical factory 2604, production value amounts to thirteen billion eight hundred and seventy-seven million yuan (Feng Zhongwu reported 1997 is 15 billion yuan) . The manufacturer of production value of 100 million yuan of above has 17, 12 of 50 million yuan of above, 138 of 20 million yuan of above, 5 million yuan have 1743 below. Because our country stock raising basically is the aquaculture of food animal, the amount of pet is relatively very few, the infection sex disease of birds of cultivate of cause prevention and cure is the main use of animal drug, accordingly, the medicaments that change cure holds the proportion with very big market of drug of our country animal, general estimation occupies 60% above about. This also is the one big characteristic of market of drug of our country animal. Since 1999, because raise birds estate produce and sale to glide, affected the development of animal drug directly, new product development decreases, production value drops. After crossing 21 centuries, how does industry of drug of our country animal grow, it is a when be placed before us to be badly in need of solving main task.
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