The current situation that animal drug studies to develop and development trend
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Reforming and opening of Shen Jianzhong comes to college of medicine of animal of Chinese agriculture college 20 years, the stock raising of our country got swift and violent development, from 1992 up to now, the flesh of our country kind with the egg kind crop is jumped reside and hold the world continuously the first. At present flesh of average per capita kind year developed country level waits in having a quantity to already exceeded world average level to be close to, egg of average per capita kind have a quantity to be close to or achieve average per capita of world developed country to have a level. The durative development of stock raising drove the development of the relevant industry such as industry of industry of drug of such as animal, feed. The development of animal drug industry of our country already took shape up to now, already had animal pharmaceutical factory at present more than 1800, in last few years annual produce all maintains in above of 15 billion yuan of RMBs. But, compare with photograph of world developed country, no matter industry of drug of our country animal is in produce level, scale of production or all is very big difference on the breed in the product, amount and quality. Regard aquaculture of pasturage of a world as big country, a few days ago the current situation of animal drug industry to it extremely unworthily, cannot satisfy the requirement of aquaculture of our country pasturage far. 21 centuries, the level should have the whole of the pasturage aquaculture of our country to rise greatly with durative development, besides pay attention to animal breed improved, strengthen management, outside raising pasturage to produce a standard, the research that strengthens animal drug and to sending, from go up at all those who change job of drug of our country animal is backward it is crucial. Be carried out patently as medicines and chemical reagents and our country is about to add person WTO, animal drug makes special commodity must bring into an international market, participate in international competition. So, our various administration department, trade department and animal drug company must realize own research and the value that develop new animal drug adequately. The article makes shallow introduction with respect to a few circumstances of the research of animal drug and development respect, offer reference only. One, the current situation of research of foreign animal drug and development Enterprise of moral of world animal health care lasts nearly 10 years flourishing development. Developed country investment is huge endowment consider and develop new product, make the sales volume of animal drug product rises steadily. It is with the United States exemple, the United States has animal pharmaceutical factory more than 200, animal uses biological product plant more than 150, year sell amount oneself this 3.3 billion dollar. (one) in recent years world animal health care tastes market general situation 1, health care of animal of bound of nearly 10 years of future worlds tastes sale gross sale gross year after year rises, came 1996 3 years the sale status of a product saw a table 1998 1. In order to express 1 can see, what the sale of chemical cure medicaments occupies animal health care to taste sale amount is close become partly, hold dominant position, it is feed additive next (include nutritive additive) , finally is biological product. In these 3 years, the sale amount that animal health care tastes increases in year after year, among them the amplitude of chemical cure medicaments and feed additive sale is apparent, and the sale of biological product keeps basically stable.
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