Chinese agriculture academy of sciences " 915 " science and technology develops
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Future 5 ~ are our country development 15 years the important history period of new rural area of socialism of contemporary agriculture, construction and innovation country, also be my courtyard rapid development, effort realizes career of science and technology " 3 centers a base " the crucial period of strategic goal. To make clear my courtyard further " 915 " assignment of train of thought of the strategic fixed position that science and technology expands, development, goal and working key, offer effective countermeasure and measure, promote own innovation capability in the round, increase the capacity propping up of new rural area of socialism of contemporary to developing agriculture, construction and innovation country, lead science and technology of our country agriculture development, establish this program especially.
, situation and task
(one) development good luck
Economic globalization pace is accelerated ceaselessly, ask agricultural technology development is given priority to from natural resources of country of current base oneself upon, the whole world that pays equal attention to to natural resources of international, country develops strategic change.
Rise suddenly of intellectual economy bitter fleabane rises, the great progress that is agricultural science and technology provided new opportunity and vaster space.
Change quickly of revolution of science and technology, wait for the new and high technology that is a delegate to changing the face of traditional agriculture deeply with biology technology, IT, production technology, project technology, be sure to bring a new revolution.
Construction starts the strategic goal of new-style country and historical job, actual strength of whole of requirement agriculture science and technology has new breakthrough, the effort that strives to pass 15 years, jump house world advanced cavalcade.
Those who build socialistic new rural area is to should insist to be a center in order to develop rural economics at all, the liberation of stimulative country productivity and development, core is to develop contemporary agriculture, raise agricultural put together to add up to productivity, raised brand-new historical task and taller requirement to agricultural science and technology.
System of innovation of science and technology of construction country agriculture gifts the development opportunity with Chinese agriculture new academy of sciences, the key is to should strengthen culture of system of place of course construction, talent and innovation group construction, infrastructure and conditional construction, contemporary courtyard and innovation to build.
Afore-mentioned unprecedented good good luck, the mark is worn the crucial period that science and technology of our country agriculture has entered break out of a bitter fleabane to exhibit.
(2) the task with demand
Ensuring commissariat and food safety is our country's long-term strategy mission. The tigidity that waits for element in fresh water, farmland, the sources of energy is restricted below, only outlet is to raise per unit area yield, breed ceaselessly high yield, high grade, much fight use plant new breed, development gets used to condition of different production, zoology to reach kind / the agriculture that raises pattern produces technical system, provide safeguard of reliable science and technology for national commissariat and food safety.
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