The competitive environment that new drug research and development faces and cha
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Although the development of industry of drug of our country animal starts later, but the consensus that takes the research and development of new preparation of new animal drug or animal drug seriously to had become all animal drug to create a company, a lot of other industries (wait like chemical industry, medicine, feed) begin to join in or enter advocate animal drug manufacturing industry, quickened animal to use the research of medicaments and development, invest strength to be increased significantly, project of research and development increases, animal drug tastes phyletic grow in quantity newly. But, the research and development of drug of our country new animal lags behind at a lot of world developed countries far, the start of research and development of new animal drug and administrative levels are very low. To get used to the competition of times of the GMP after falling one round, value research and development of new animal drug and give somebody a new lease on life crucial.
   Policy environment
In recent years, the country is right the research and development of animal drug, production, manage and use strengthened management. Afterwards animal drug produces quality management standard (GMP) later, 2004, can calls Chinese animal drug reform year. New castigatory " animal drug regulation " and new promulgate " standard of animal drug place clears method " , " animal drug registers way " , " date of article of animal drug approval runs way " the code that waits for a series of normative industry development comes on stage in succession, these policy total principle is structural adjustment has inside the industry, encourage innovation, aggrandizement is superintended, eliminate backward miniature company, keep within limits is low-level repeat construction to cite the malign competition that cause, increase capacity of industry whole gain, be helpful for animal drug making the benign progress of the industry.
   Encourage innovation, strengthen new drug protection
According to the report, at present our country can produce a variety of 24 kinds of 1350 raw material drug, but among them 97% above are modelled on, do not have patent protection basically. Up to now, the acquisition that our country develops medicaments of international approbatory innovation has two only, green Hao element and 2 Qiu base Ding Er acerbity natrium. Kui Xi ketone is drug of our country's current and only a kind of new animal, the research and development of drug of drug of 2 kinds of new animal, 3 kinds of new animal is more fragile also, majority is belonged to be modelled on. Accordingly, drug of our country animal makes an enterprise raise new drug to develop ability urgently. Because of this, " animal drug regulation " and " animal drug registers way " highlighted encourage innovation, strengthen new drug protection, the legislative spirit that assures animal drug safety to be able to accuse effectively with quality, the country executes animal to use prescription drug and classification of blame prescription drug to run a system; The country executes animal drug to lay in a system; The country encourages drug of development new animal, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the person that develop lawfully; The length of protection of new animal drug is lengthened. In new drug the company production that allows to obtain new drug letter only inside protective period sells new drug, other company must not be modelled on, suffer intense price competition with protecting new drug to develop manufacturing company to be not sent, in order to make company of production of new animal drug scores better gain. The Ministry of Agriculture was released with 442 declared form in classification of animal drug, natural medicaments and register data requirement, chemical classification and register data requirement, animal to use disinfectant classification and register a data change of drug of requirement, animal is registered item and declare data requirement, made clear research of new animal drug and the specific technology requirement that declare, in with while international conforms, can coach more the research of drug of our country new animal and development.
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