Microbial additive reachs development foreground in the applied current situatio
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Current, a variety of malpractice of a large number of use antibiotic and synthetic medicaments already became serious society, zoology and economic issue. Above all, because antibiotic serves as a large number of for a long time use of feed additive, problem of remain of the antibiotic in animal produce and environment is serious, give those who be engaged in group of society of animal breed aquatics is stable the stability that produces order with animal breed aquatics, and the human health that regards animal product as consumer brought serious harm. Next, a large number of use of antibiotic bring about a bacterium to produce resistance to the action of a drug, course of animal stomach bowel is normal bacterium group break force of harmonic airframe immunity to drop, sex appeal of the source inside cultivate birds is caught and 2 serious infection are reached come on integratedly etc, environment of zoology of animal breed aquatics gets very big negative effect. In addition, wait for the abuse of medicaments as a result of antibiotic, bring about animal immunity function and feed utilization rate to drop, the medicaments in breeding and feed cost investment increase, the export that medicaments remain limitted animal product is achieved collect; The risk of the malign competition between the fall of animal product quality, enterprise, disease, make space of profit of production of animal breed aquatics less and less also, these problems father finally to affect the economic benefits that produces to the animal again again.
Want to ensure the safe production of stock raising, the antibiotic with promotion safe application and synthetic medicaments replace a product very necessary. Microbial additive regards new-style safety, efficient feed as additive, besides the problem that can avoid to bring animal and hidden trouble of its product safety easily not only, still can improve animal health condition and animal product quality, increase the economic value that animal breed aquatics produces, can yet be regarded as can promote the stock raising health, efficient way that develops continuously.
Sort of commonly used microbial additive reachs a characteristic
Microbial additive also says beneficial gives birth to element (crude element of Probiotic) , hurried, unripe bacterium element, beneficial bacterium element and small zoology preparation.
So far, the raise of development application uses microbial variety a lot of, but stem from pair of bacterium to plant the consideration of security, our country " catalog of feed additive breed (2006) " allow uses have 16 kinds. By its bacterium is planted type, raise can be divided with microbial additive add up to fine fungus for lactic acid fungus, gemma lever fungus, yeasty fungus and light. Contain bacterium to plant by product place can divide its again for onefold bacterium agent and compound bacterium agent.
Lactobacillus is a kind of bacterium floorboard that can decompose carbohydrate to produce lactic acid, belong to with lactic acid bacili among them, double branch bacili is belonged to for the delegate. Lactic acid bacili is the advantage bacterium in path of animal stomach bowel group, applied history is the earliest, a lot of more phyletic, all build a young plant to do not have spore, oxygen of be disgusted with or oxygen of be disgusted with holding a gender concurrently, not high temperature resistant; This kind of product in actual production has lactobacillus to ferment feed, lactobacillus pink and lactobacillus extract content. The lactic acid bacili that our country allows to regard feed as additive has sick at heart of be addicted to coccus of bowel of lacteal bacili, caseous breast bacili, dung (faecal streptococci) , bacili of breast of bacili of breast of coccus of bowel of coccus of lactic acid bowel, excrement, lactic acid, plant, lactic acid piece candy of coccus, the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem piece coccus and Bulgaria breed bacillus; And double branch bacili has two Qi Shuangqi bacili (announcement of Ministry of Agriculture the 318th, 2006) . What basically apply at present is bacili of acerbity lactic acid of be addicted to and faecal streptococci.
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