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No matter be the bag outside research and development or Shenzhen are oriented system with the market, exist respective weak point board
Because clinical cure improves pair of innovation medicaments to have persistent demand, the business of the pharmacy that cross a state that makes minority capable to begin new drug research and development almost forestall is worn the sizable gain on new drug market.
Nevertheless pharmacy market of China is picture another however. The pharmacy business that domestic great majority gives priority to with copy pharmacy lacks core competition ability.
But at present, the circumstance already had some of sign that improve, the spring of research and development of our country new drug is coming: After production of pharmacy of afterwards whole world changes a developing country, new move of research and development of round of medicaments is being performed in China.
Current, our country is preliminary already form center of research and development of foreign pharmacy business to assemble in Shanghai the pattern that group of garden of science and technology of Shenzhen of take root of enterprise of research and development of drug of former innovation of Zhang Jiang, folk, nation and orgnaization of research and development of mixed economy body rely on Beijing. The actual strength of research and development of domestic whole gets carrying rising, but remain as before of the government give aid to.
Be being wrapped outside is not an outlet
Current, be based on the difference of our country and price of developed country labour force, the bag outside research and development is in home is arisen. Business type is wrapped to synthesize the bag outside the experiment namely outside the commonnest research and development among them, this succeeds most with Shanghai medicine Ming Kangde among them.
The order of research and development that accepts as a result of its is the research task with medical industry newest developed country more, begin this to plant so while business is increasing production value of industry of our country medicine, make innovation medicaments of China has an opportunity to come true of pair of capital, technology and talent accumulate.
But this kind " do for other marry the garment " mode of research and development, breed the new drug that belongs to ourselves truly very hard, make the core competition ability of ethical medicine then. In the meantime, enter a doorsill as a result of what wrap outside synthesis low, more and more chemical synthesis serve a company to depreciate, this will be hit press and divide up originally not large profit space.
Shenzhen specimen
In last few years, root establish at the enterprise, it is activity of oriented medicaments technology innovation to have powerful vitality with the market.
Although Shenzhen lacks place of courtyard of much in that way like Beijing, Shanghai college, scientific research, biology medicine basic research is poorer, but gene of the first innovation treats medicaments (the product has appeared on the market) surpass 100 Nuo company with respect to what come from Shenzhen; The first own design of Chinese, synthesis, choose, of the evaluation fight drug of tumor former innovation (be in phase of clinical research and development) the company of small core biology that comes from Shenzhen.
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